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For our Young Friends

We welcome the young people’s opinions about this website and life in general.
A bright example the following letter of Miss M. Kosma.

" Why the young never should stop at difficulties, but keep walking? Every era’s young people are the future of the society and the perpetuers of the civilization.
Thus, should they lose the meaning of life and get disoriented, it could have an immediate impact at the society, as every effort of fiscal, technological growth or a better way of living will fail or not be as advanced as it should have been.
The gradual decline of a cultural inheritance of ages would be inevidable, something that could have been avoided if the youth hadn’t resigned from the evolving process of the society. Moroever, it is of high importance that the youth should realize that difficulties is an inextricable part of life.
The obstacles are not here to disappoint us, but to make us stronger, leading us to self – criticism, self – control and to self – awareness. When is someone in trouble, he communicates with his inner self to deal with his problems.
Thus, while he discovers himself, searching for the root of his problem, he will realize his mistakes and understand the path in his life to follow henceforth.
Moroever, the young need to realize that life is good, if every of its aspect is dealt with essence, not superficially.
There will always occur hindrances. There are however happy times in – between. Incidents full of joy, optimism and love, from which we should be encouraged to keep fighting for a better future of maybe more pleasant moment and less pain. In the end, however, each one’s future is a clearly personal choice.
They could choose between a guided life, and a prey for the powerful or to live free for their rights.
The parents are the most important example for their children, as they guide and nourish them.
Nevertheless, the children should develop their only critical ability, so as the could have the potential to judge their parents’ opinions later and encompass those that apply not only to their own interest, but also to the society’s as a whole.
During time, people should realize that fortune, fame and glory are temporary.
Unfortunately, the exact opposite happens and people try to convince their children to follow the same ideas.
The actions based on those ideas might be illegal or immoral, in any case applausable.
So, it is of high importance that the young should be informed on a multiple scale and do not stand only to what its environment has to offer.
To accept that reality, which includes the happiness of the whole society, not just his own.
The history teaches us that no man alone has achieved what a team united can.
So, when young, someone has to reject the actions and views that contradict the common good, even if this means a conflict with its environment, which should be shaken a little to realize that our world ought to depend on the right, respect, reciprocal help, disinterestedness, and the love to the fellow being. "

Maria Kosma, 17 years old